Assets Tool for Apple TV is here!

Install the 1.0.8 update and discover a new section for Apple TV.

We have already told you that we have a really cool and helpful app, right?

Assets Tool for Apple TVWe came to the conclusion that icons for Apple TV are not to be forgotten. Since tvOS got some new effects (the parallax effect) we thought it’s about time to give it a special section in our app.

Therefore, in our latest update, you can find a new section for Apple TV icons that includes:

  • App icons must be submitted in two sizes;
  • Small Icon – This size is used on the Apple TV Home screen when your app is installed;
  • Large Icon – This size is used by the App Store;
  • Top Shelf Images – A great opportunity for added visibility when the user has placed your app in the top row of the Home screen.

Get the app on iTunnes and let us know what do you think.

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Assets Tool for Apple TV in iTunes