Codecamp update

Another Codecamp update? Of course! We have here a new update for the Codecamp App. Are you curious to know what is it about? While being at Codecamp Iasi, we realized that our app should get an improvement: notifications. Therefore, when you press the...
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Product thinking

Product thinking is starting to become a trend in the world of technology. We have found this article that made us realize how much we use this when we create our apps. Therefore, we wanted to tell you our perspective of product thinking and how we use...
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Moni.ai on the IBM Cloud Marketplace

Moni.ai is the IBM Cloud Marketplace As we have said it in a previous tweet, we are glad to inform you that Moni.ai has been published to the IBM Cloud Marketplace. Of course, some of you already know who Moni.ai is, but for those of you who are visiting...
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