Codecamp 2017 Update is here!

Innovation and knowledge, all in one place: Codecamp 2017.Codecamp 2017

There might be 1 month until Codecamp 2017, but that doesn’t mean we are not working for it. The organizer made sure that this year the conference will be at least as cool as the last one. Great speakers are ready to talk about knowledge and awesome ideas in two full days of the conference. Make sure to check out the Codecamp website for other events taking place during that time.

Codecamp 2017

And because it’s not easy to choose which sessions to go to, we have the app that helps you see each session’s location and speaker. In our latest update you can also find:

– A new tab: Favorites;

– You can add sessions to you Favorites tab;

– You can delete/re-arrange your  favorite sessions;

– You can set up notifications for each session;

– The notification can be set before the start time of the session.

Looks pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

Make sure to get our app to stay informed about each session and make it there on time.

Codecamp 2017 on iTunes

See you there!