Evaluate Your Life Day

How often do you actually sit down and evaluate your life?

According to Happy Planet Index,

Romania achieves a Happy Planet Index Score of 42.2 and ranks #75 of all the countries analysed (151). Romania’s HPI score reflects a relatively high life expectancy, and relatively low levels of experienced well-being.

What’s your level of life expectancy?

Evaluate Your Life Day is an introspective holiday to assay and adjust performance, apparel, finances, and other aspects of life. Reinvent yourself and write down the most intimate fears, goals and emotions. Do the same every week, month or whenever you need to. Compare the results and, if you’re not satisfied, change. Be one step closer to your target.

a buff-colored target with the first five circles black used as a metaphor for the evaluate your life day

Analyze and change

No matter what the results are, they can be improved. But are you ready to let go of the things that are not meant to be? There is a tendency among people to complain way too much. Don’t be one of them. Take this October 19th as a turnaround moment. 

a person's Merrell mountain shoes sitting on a stone

Increase your happiness

After the day is over and you put yourself to bed, ask these simple questions, 

What’s my point? How can I make myself a better person? Din my actions change something? Am  I approaching to who I want to be? How happy am I now?

If you’re unhappy and the answers are going in the no direction, you should take this day into consideration. If yes, keep digging. You’ll  soon find what you are looking for.

sun rays through grape leafs

Discover the little things

I’m watching through the window and I see two women sitting on the bank. One of them is a mother, and she has taken her toddler with her. The little girl is peacefully walking alone and she seems to enjoy it.

At some point, during her walks along the trail, the kid meets a grandmother with her niece, of the same age as our main character. They are standing face-to-face and their laugh makes me laugh too. Her grandmother and the other woman are now discussing, both smiling.

A little boy enjoys the scene, hopping like a rabbit. Other two 9-10 youngsters are chasing each other, on the same trail, with their schoolbags bigger than them. This cheerful moment takes place in less than 5 minutes, and it reveals something that many of us forget: the little things. Let’s appreciate and observe people acting normal. It’s a pleasure we all can afford.

three closed journals in the left of the photo, in the right there is another opened journal with a pen

Spot October 19th on the calendar

Change what is not going well. Accept and be thankful for everything that comes into your life. Keep in mind that, if you are willing enough, you can achieve any dreams. But first, wake up and be active. Live in the present; no more waiting. Evaluate your life on a regular basis and surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you. 

a girl at a concert with her left arm up in the air