iOS v2.0 – Holiday Wishes

We have released a new Holiday Wishes iOS version!

Bright, modern redesign

Refresh your day by sending lots of messages from the latest categories we have created! The app has a bright, modern redesign that creates a pleasant visual experience. Give it a moment and discover the wonders a message can make. Use it as often as possible, motivate yourself and your loved ones, bring hope and joy wherever you go.

Let’s take a virtual tour of the application:

iOS v2.0 Holiday WishesiOS v2.0 Holiday Wishes; Categories

  • The first screenshot shows how the app runs: if you notice the difference from the latest version, the white background had disappeared, instead you see this colorful text image.
  • The next screenshot numbers some of the dated message categories. Again, the icon set is different. After scrolling that long list, you will see the undated messages: love, message of the day, good morning, good night, funny, birthday, drawings, jokes, cycling, exam, graduation, silly, rude, humor, facts, students, philosophical, recycling  and others. You can send them whenever you want to, turning a normal day into a special one. 

     iOS v2.0 Holiday Wishes; Select Message                        iOS v2.0 Holiday Wishes; Get more messages                           iOS v2.0 Holiday Wishes; Get more messages

  • Let’s say you have decided to send a message to your both parents. Press the text box of “Parents’ Day” and select the message. It is very easy after that. Just enter the phone numbers or select them from the Contacts, send and smile.
  • Don’t you have enough credit? Don’t worry! You can send it via WhatsApp! If you like the message and you want to send it again to another friend, at the bottom of the screen view, to the left, you have the Recents button. There you will find the latest sent or shared messages.
  • The last screenshot shows the Settings Menu. Change the language of the app and of the messages. Also, you can set up The message of the day. Don’t forget to rate our app! If you still want more messages, share the app via Twitter, Facebook or Google+, and you will automatically receive 10 more messages.

Download the iOS version

Enjoy the last month of summer!

Available on the App Store; iOS v2.0 Holiday Wishes