is a virtual assistant that allows you to get answers to your questions by simply talking to your smartphone. Our virtual assistant will fetch the answers from sources on the internet and also from the community website:

In case you didn’t like the answer, just press the thumbs-down button or shake your iPhone. Moni will come up with a better answer or, in case she doesn’t know the answer, ask the community and notify you by email. In conclusion, she will learn from any question and thereby get more and more intelligent.

Control your house

With the smart virtual assistance, appliances and devices can be controlled. In order to do so, just visit the website and e.g. attach your Nest thermostat to Moni. You will then be able to voice control your home by just opening the app and saying “Set the temperature”.

Moni commands

  • Do internet research
  • Tell jokes
  • Send emails

Common commands

  • What is in the news?
  • How is the weather today?
  • How is the weather tomorrow?