wuz – Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes


wuz was created to establish powerful links between humans. We are encouraging people to empathize. Share your emotions to the others. Discover and interact, reconnect the links between family members, lovers, colleagues and friends.

Why do we keep sending SMSs if there are other video and voice-call apps meant to shrink the distance?

The era of technological advancement makes phones and other smart devices the 1st-rate intermediates between us.

Understanding the importance of sociocultural differences from a big perspective is essential. The process of “instant messaging communication” is a very entertaining one.

Acting local, but thinking global, our team has designed an app worth to share to your knit-ones. We send messages because it’s more comfortable to communicate.


Entertain your buddies and send them hilarious Happy Birthday wishes. Express your admiration on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sister’s/Brother’s Day and Grandparents’ Day. Remember about the Groundhog Day, Labour Day and Veterans Day. wuz is at your services!

Make your loved ones feel important, thank them or apologize for making them feel bad.

Italian, French, German, Romanian and Spanish

You don’t have to worry if English is not your native tongue! You can use wuz in Italian, French, German, Romanian and Spanish! Contact those friends you met on vacations. Send them a wuz.

wuz is for you too, not only for those you come into contact with. Set notifications and receive the Message of the day: funny, motivational, creative. Sleep good and wake up refreshed. Also with a message.

Very easy to use

Once wuz is downloaded, you have to follow 5 steps. (Don’t forget about the last one, it’s the most important!)

1. Select the holiday;

2. Select the message;

3. Select the contacts;

4. Send;

5. Enjoy!

It is suited for the most important moments in your life.

Get inspired, wuz your moods.

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