Product thinking

Product thinking

Product thinking is starting to become a trend in the world of technology.

We have found this article that made us realize how much we use this when we create our apps. Therefore, we wanted to tell you our perspective of product thinking and how we use it here, at TAGonSoft.

First of all, the users come first. It’s hard to be original out there, so when you launch an app make sure that you have an audience and a problem/need to solve through your app. Every time we want to launch a new product, we make sure that is supplementing a need and is relevant to our customers. Starting from this, when the moment comes and we launch it, the emotions of “will the app make it or not” are not so overwhelming.

Second, you need a vision and a strategy. With this, you will make sure that your app has a future and it will be on the user’s phone a long while. A very important key in this is user’s experience. We created a continue communication channel with our app users. Many companies see negative feedback as a problem, we see it as a lesson. By this, we make sure that everything that people have either liked or disliked in our app has a continuity or gets changed. As Casey Neistat said, “Ignore praise, embrace criticism” and we couldn’t agree more.

Third, measure your activities. Assure yourself that in the end, everything was worth working for. You can do this simply by keeping track of conversion rates, return on investment (ROI) and other KPIs. Through these, you can understand what your market wants and how their expectations and preferences are changing from different trends that are going on. For example, a change in visual content could be what you need. People can like or dislike an app in just a few seconds, just because of what they saw. We create our apps around 3 ideas: minimalist, easy to use and nice to look at.

Just make sure to develop an app that is needed and meets the user’s expectations, because, in the end, they will be the ones deciding your app’s future.

Thank you for reading!