Our services

The IoT surface visually expands its territory and, as a Mobile Software Company, the urgent need is to create a positive impact into the customers’ minds. Telling you to expect everything to start changing the way we live and connect might sound very well as a cliché, since the Digital Revolution erupted decades ago.

TAGonSoft provides a variety of outstanding services, proven through practical results. Each is adapted according to the realities of customer, market and the world:

We engage to take care of the ASO service of your app, in order to optimize the app’s higher ranking in store’s search results, after all, 63% of all apps downloaded are found by users through browsing. Check out more

Make sure you make the best decisions when it comes to the services that help your mobile app grow. By understanding your “persona”, we partnership as Consultants. Our organizational skills allow our team to follow business requirements and grant you with the product you have asked for. Check out more

Our Customer Care Services are about building trust and loyalty through strategic assistance. Using technological prowess and brainpower, the focus shifts on placing the customer first strategy. Check out more

TAGonSoft’s in-depth understanding of how technology works can be used to help your company’s developing processes and maintenance. With 6 simple steps, we make sure that our Project Management services are done right and in time. Check out more

Modern technologies

Firstly, as a Development Company, quality programming takes first place on company’s IT toolbar. For TAGonSoft, the infrastructure of the mobile platform is no longer an unknown domain. Knowledge is used to build applications that are equivalent or even better than the competitors’. Modern times allow us to change the way we think about the relationship with consumers. That’s why we use as many platforms as they have to keep them engaged.

Stable and reliable Software

Secondly, as a highly-skilled Company, TAGonSoft builds its programs from the ground up to ensure that customers get precisely what they ask for. The Mobile Software is built to be stable and reliable, to reflect on clients’ capabilities and competences. Providing B2B services, it is important for the products to have salable conditions. Assigning effective affiliations only with worth-trust clients who believe in our ideas is a primary target.

Experts in the Mobile Software

As experts in the Software Development arena, we offer some of the most valuable Application Development Services available. No matter what your plans are in the Mobile Business, our consultants will be able at your services to tell you everything you need to know about working in this industry and turning your visions into reality.

Services offered by TAGonSoft are meant to bring trust and deliver products fast, helping you clarify and time-limit even the most courageous wishes. We choose mobile of what is more an implicit decision and not a primary one.

According to Forbes, more accurate metrics will surface in the near future. Jon Mowat, the MD and founder of Hurricane Media, predicts that by the end of 2015 there will be 4.9 billion connected devices. That means that the evolution of mobile phones, especially, turns into one of the prime factors influencing the market world.

TAGonSoft provides first-hand services that gratify the customers and give them the fastest possible results. The knowledge and experience of mobile technology the team has will hold a trump card in creating a strong and flexible partnership. Your business is unique and the ideal app requires solutions suited to the customer’s needs. Always at the cutting edge of technology, this is indeed the company you can depend on.