App Store Optimization

App Store OptimizationJust creating and launching an app is not enough anymore.

App Store Optimization is well known to help you grow the number of downloads and establish the desired level of downloads for your app.

After the research, we will implement an App Store Optimization strategy that will take care of the following aspects:

  1. Title – it is well known that using keywords in your title can get you 10.3% increase in rankings.
  2. Description & Keywords – we provide a filtering strategy, that is used to achieve more traffic and work our way up from there. The app can get more popular among users of both iOS and Android.
  3. Keyword Optimization – by following these steps of implementing – analyzing – optimizing, we create a circle through which we assure that the next release will get even more results than the previous.
  4. Screenshots – 60% of users won’t swipe past the first three screenshot images. We make sure that the screenshots that are first seen can help increase the conversion rate up to 25%.
  5. Ratings & Reviews – 92% of top 100 free apps in the apple store have at least a 3 stars rating. With this, we make sure that no matter the app’s reviews and ratings, they will bring a positive impact on the app.
  6. Conversion rates – after analyzing your app, we can establish conversion rates that would help your track and actually see the effectiveness of ASO.

Benefits for implementing an App Store Optimization strategy and the most important ones are as it follows:

  1. Increases ranking in the app store;
  2. Increases conversion rates for the app;
  3. Increases popularity of the app;
  4. Helps you understand better the audience you are referring to.