Project Management

Communication is one of the most important keys in setting-up the project plan. For the best functionality, we have to make sure that everyone understands their role, responsibilities, the amount of work and implication. The Development practices deliver new features, with a high level of predictability:

Iterative Project Management

  • Feedback loops – to achieve a better balance between target and commitments; to easily adapt to customers’ requirements
  • Key stages of managing projects

PDCA cycle is a repetitive work process we are using to improve, develop, define and plan. Taking into account that a circle has no ending point, the PDCA procedure best fulfills your expectations. We adopt Iterative Project Management instead of Waterfall Project Management – it helps us to achieve a better balance between target and commitments, using Agile Methods.

It is a secure way of arriving at a decision or a desired result by repeating a series of operations. It charges creativity, tasks, brainstorming, dynamism and resources. We engage every member of the team and together we set up the project plan, and we prepare in advance the schedule. After planning the major milestones, we iterate on the work between the milestones. A review after each iteration is needed.

The iterative approach adapts you to requirements and help us get a better handle on the milestones of feature freeze, code freeze, system test, beta freeze, and ship freeze. It reduces uncertainty for the current project work, and allows replanning of the critical path at a number of points in the project.

Application deployment

  • Part of the development workflow
  • We don’t deliver products without testing
  • Specialized services in this area
  • Assistance in deploying your app
  • Build tools to compile and deploy projects

Application Deployment is a delicate process. A single error can get your application rejected. We treat deployments as part of the development workflow. As a rule of thumb, we equip specialized services in this area. We are here to assist you in setting up your application.

When building new features and fixing bugs in an existing codebase need to be happen at the same time, unavoidably, a problem occurs. Most coding falls into one of these categories. Developing and deploying with branches is a great advantage for our team. These duplications help us in building features and fixing bugs. In our repository we use master Git, but we are open to SVN or Mercurial too.

Here are some Apple’s rejections and our way of making sure that our products go on the Store:

App rejections What we do
Advertisements We ensure we are testing our app on every device to confirm that all the advertisements are functional and look correct.
Broken links free broken links finder/checker, Online URL validator
Crashes and Bugs Jira
Inaccurate Descriptions We use relevant app descriptions and screenshots that clearly and accurately convey our app’s functionality.
Incomplete information try to make your app worth download it
It doesn’t work offline and you are not informing the user This is pretty easy: we do inform the user.
Messing with standard functionality Testing, testing and again testing!
Misleading Users We are offering relevant descriptions and informations. We assure that our app’s functionality is working well and the users are experiencing high-quality apps
Not enough lasting value Great UI and UX offer our users valuable experience.
Not respecting guidelines We are aware of the guidelines and we respect it, therefore our apps are on the store as soon as possible. Oh, we don’t like copycats either.
Placeholder Content We finish your application before sending it in. We go through it over and over again to make sure all text and photos are provided. Testing, testing and again testing!
Substandard User Interface Our apps are user-friendly, equipped with UI and UX; We try, as much as we can, to establish the development plan in order to improve efficiency. Frequent change requests increases Development Time. Our developers send communicate with the designers, allowing them to make the needed adjustments.
Too complicated, clunky or slow, long load time When we are implementing, we make sure that the app has passed all the tests, including load time, bugs and others.
Use of the word “beta” or otherwise indicating that your app is unfinished We dedicate hours of testing and implementing, and we make sure that features work well and the app is ready to be published.
Web clipping, content aggregators, or a collections of links Content Aggregator Websites; as many interactions as possible with the user
Website in an app package Under no circumstances do we build apps that are not… apps.
Development Mobiles are correspondingly significant for the majority of consumers, in consequence we offer customized solutions for the mobile channels. Staying in touch with the best mobile technologies, we establish the most reasonable applications on your demand.


  • We establish a branch for each environment, including staging and production, and we never merge into an environment branch unless we are ready to deploy to that environment.
  • We have the ability to plan and adapt, and in our workflow we use tools for high-level team management and scalable issue trackers. The use of the critical path defines priorities, inspires and announces our staff to the realities of the project in real-time. It makes us responsible and aware.
  • We commit, push and deploy every tiny change. If the change was made by mistake, a developer will have to revert it, push it, then redeploy. Development covers the most important part of our services, so under no circumstances do we build a product without testing.
  • We developn native mobile applications for all major platforms with various expansion options with regard to content management system, recommendation systems, location-based services, bar-code scanner integration and others. The platforms and technologies are iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac OS X. Our serious and devoted work are capable of giving users delightful experience.
  • We do our performance in a feature or bug-fix branches, which creates a new side branch from the main trunk. Only once the feature is tested and complete, ready for deployment, we can merge that branch back into your main working branch.

Our in-depth understanding of how technology works can be used to help your company’s developing processes and maintenance. Before choosing us, make sure that the services you require cover your company’s and or your personal needs.

Testing and Implementation

Our company uses easy to foretell mechanisms for managing the mobile application throughout its lifecycle, from conception to retirement. To keep up continuous update cycles, customer and competition focused, a continuous approach to mobile testing is a requirement, and no longer an option.

Before developing and testing, we take into account the devices that will be used to access the app testing across all operating systems and hardware. Having multi-pronged approach to testing aids to make the overall process more manageable, and successful.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the mobile apps, we collaborate and work with all the team members. Even though, users are the most important factor in testing the app, and their behavior is a good barometer on how the process of installing, uninstalling and reinstalling works; and how the program goes through updates.

The competent testing team builds new test scenarios that increase the efficiency of the testing efforts, enhancing test coverage based on automatic execution of test plans. We want to automate as much as possible, but manual control is decisive for the UX.

Clients usually do have more than one testing objective. We scale the importance of the objectives, in order to catch and fix the most basic issues. We involve them in every step of the project, providing more opportunities for the team to truly understand their vision, following both Stakeholder and team engagement benefits of Agile Methodology.


We are in charge of our values and offer technical support for:

  • assistance for setup
  • basic usability assistance
  • installation assistance
  • installation support
  • maintenance updates
  • migration for major releases
  • new software release
  • optimisation
  • remediation
  • repair
  • software updates
  • support via telephone and online channels
  • technical troubleshooting
  • validation

According to, more than 75 billion mobile apps had been downloaded worldwide last year. Now, think about how fast the maintenance of mobile application has to expand, in order to cope with this huge number. It turns out to be decisive in enabling software companies to maintain both profits and reputation.

Maintenance includes optimization, as well as consolidation, solving customers’ specifications, no matter the geographic locations. We tackle up the routine maintenance and the emergency tasks, being a responsive team with mandatory training for getting the job done.

Creating mobile apps that respond to your unique demands, fit your needs and meet your budget is what we are know best. We make sure that your apps work and look as you desired, thanks to a suite of best practices in UX and UI Design, Development, Testing and Quality Assurance.

We have the technical know-how to cover the whole range of operational service activities required for applications. We watch carefully over the whole process, in accordance with the maintenance standards and plans. Providing constant evolution and enhancement for your products, we are offering Maintenance Services that support your development and contribute to your business’s growth.