VINTAGE SPACE ATTACK is here and it’s new!


Do you like space fighting games?

Simulator Screen Shot Aug 10, 2017, 12.04.03 PM

If you do, we got good news! We have just uploaded a fresh and brand new version of our game made using Unity 3D, Vintage Space Attack. Our app developers have completely redesigned the game, updating pretty much everything from graphics to sounds and from the source code to the game controls. Join us in the battle against space enemies  on a new interface and a different gameplay! Simple to play while having lots of fun: The point of the game is to defeat all the enemies and earn as many points as possible. You can get a big score by killing off more and more enemies and collecting “score” power-ups.

The gameplay is simple and addictive: all you have to do is drag your finger around the screen, which moves the ship and also makes it shoot. There are 5 power-ups: Health (providing the player with extra health when it is damaged), Lightning shield (which for a limited amount of time offers a
protection shield), Score (adds extra points to the final score) and2 different types of weapons: Particle canon (shoots regular bullets) and Space rocket Launcher (makes ship shoot with more powerful ammunition, that takes action on a larger radius).

To get through all the 7 levels put up there in the game, you have to either dodge or destroy your enemies, in order to rack up points. Spaceship is the enemy that gets killed off easily, by one hit, and doesn’t shoot, but goes rapidly around the screen and damages your health when touched. Small ships are similar to the spaceships, only they shoot small bullets. Communicationships are harder to kill, taking two hits to be killed and being in a constant rotation. The last but not the least are the Motherships, the hardest ones to kill, shooting small rockets and taking lots of hits before it is destroyed.



Screenshot_2017-08-16-10-21-54Once the level is finished, you are promoted to the next one.
We can’t get tired of this game and we hope you will enjoy it here too!
Download Vintage Space Attack for iOS or Android from these links:

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