Making our champion’s dreams come true

Andrei-Costel Vasiliu (known as Bebe) is a Romanian bodybuilder from Iași. He will represent Romania between the 13th and 18th of May 2015 at EBFF European Bodybuilding, Fitness and Juniors & Masters Championships from Santa Susanna, the capital of Fitness – located at the Mediterranean cost of Catalonia, Spain.

National champion in 2012 and 2014

He has been practicing bodybuilding since 2005, when he was in the 9th grade. In 2009 he started performing. His first notable success that propelled him into the arms of this sport was in 2012. He was declared national champion. The experience repeated in 2014. That was the moment when there appeared requests from the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness for Bebe representing Romania in external competitions: “This sport is hard to practice from all points of view: it’s prepared throughout the day, both in the gym and at home. However, determination and sacrifice have helped me get these invitations.”

It’s hard to find sponsors ready to cover almost 4000 euros

Bebe Andrei-Costel Vasiliu, champion @bodybuilding with his trophy

Bebe takes care of almost all expenses for the competition, saying that: “It’s hard to find sponsors ready to cover almost 4000 euros.” His trainer, Petru Ciorbă,  CFR Club Iași and TAGonSoft are the ones who financially support Bebe. There were some colleagues and athletes willing to help him, but he refused them, pointing out that they need help too. He’s waiting for a help from Aristocrat Pension-Restaurant.

He’s happy knowing that his girlfriend, his family, his brother and his trainer are by his side. The most important pylon in his life is his lover. If Bebe happens to win, he won’t receive any money. The price is his honor.

(images from 2014 – at the National Bodybuilding Championship, Sibiu, Romania,  when Bebe was declared national champion for the second time. Section: Men Classic Bodybuilding, Seniors: over 180 cm.)