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  • Make your festival experience greater with our Serile Filmului Romanesc app! We love to support local initiatives and when the organizers from the Serile Filmului Romanesc festival asked us about developing an application for them, we couldn’t be more happy to do it. Therefore, with the first release of the app, we want to bring the festival closer to its targeted crowd. It all began with an event created by students from Iasi who shared the same passion, Romanian movies. The festival is the ... see more

  • Vintage Space Attack - Lost pilot

    Let us take you back in time with Vintage Space Attack - Lost pilot We wanted to bring back the old games style through our game Vintage Space Attack - Lost pilot. It tells the story of a lost pilot that searches his way back to earth. During his trip, he has to destroy his enemy's ships that are set to conquer all the universe. Of course, the game works amazing on both Android and iOS. We encourage you to take a ... see more

  • Assets Tool for Android Developers

    Assets Tool for Android developers helps you to handle all the hard work of resizing, adding paddings, scale and create app icons. Don't waste any more time on app icons with these key features that are set to help the mundane work of creating different types of icons for Android. Use our Assets Tool for Android Developers to make your life a lot easier. Key features: - Add padding to your images, having all in the same size. The quality of the image will not ... see more

  • Assets Tool for iOS Developers

    Assets Tool for iOS Developers is an easier way to create your icons or to manage them without wasting long periods of time. The app is designed to help xcode developers create iOS and Mac apps fast, generating assets folders, resizing images to all needed sizes, creating app icons, and adding empty space content. Key features: - Drag and drop an image or a tree of directors and have all your images ready to be used with Xcode. You can choose to export ... see more

  • Wood Alert

    Due to intellectual data property, we had to stop the functionality of the Wood Alert application and this is why we have removed this application from app store. We recommend the users to use the official portal "InstectorulPadurii" or the official applications. Wood Alert is an application designed for Romanian market and it allows users to check if any truck that transports wood has a validly generated code that allows it to do this. Wood Alert allows authorities to detect possible illegal wood transports. The ... see more

  • Holiday Wishes


    wuz was created to establish powerful links between humans. We are encouraging people to empathize. Share your emotions to the others. Discover and interact, reconnect the links between family members, lovers, colleagues and friends.

    Why do we keep sending SMSs if there are other video and voice-call apps meant to shrink the distance?

    The era of technological advancement makes phones and other smart devices the ... see more

  • Planbox offers a full featured, yet easy to use cloud-based agile project management tool. Teams in companies of all sizes can plan, collaborate and deliver work more efficiently. Planbox is used by thousands of teams in global organizations such as CGI, Deutsche Telecom, ... see more

  • moni.ai is a virtual assistant that allows you to get answers to your questions by simply talking to your smartphone. Our virtual assistant will fetch the answers from sources on the internet and also from the community website: www.moni.ai.

    In case you didn’t like the answer, just press the thumbs-down button or shake your iPhone. Moni will come up with a better answer or, in case she ... see more

  • Codecamp for mobile

    Get your Iași Codecamp event details, session titles, speakers and all other data about the IT sessions on your phone!

    Codecamp for mobile allows you to view the complete calendar and receive real-time updates. It is the best way to plan and schedule the main events that happen during Codecamp.

    Find your local Codecamp IT community and conference.

    Codecamp started in 2009 and along the way ... see more

  • Motivation

    We believe in the importance of games in our present society, therefore we have created an iOS version of Santa Night 2D game in Unity. It is a funny way of training ground for real life competition and to relax with your family the night before Christmas.

    Bring back the spirit of Christmas!

    This Winter Holiday ... see more

  • Stefano Bargagni - CEO @, Cynny.com

    We have worked with Alex, CEO of Tagonsoft, and his team first as consultants after that as developers of our iOS App for over a year. It proved to be a valuable support throughout the development of the App before being taken in hand by our internal team. Alex and his team are totally reliable, serious and honest, rare qualities to find in this field. Cynny is grateful for the contribution and the availability in every critical moment.

  • Rudolf Melik - CEO @, Planbox.com

    Tagonsoft is the company to partner with when it comes to mobile development. They take the time to understand your requirements, budget and expectations. The solution that was developed for Planbox was high quality and the Tagonsoft team has been very easy to work with before, during and after our mobile app was delivered and deployed.

  • Christian Clas - Founder of , Moni.ai

    We needed to redesign a tool that contained speech synthesis and speech recognition functionality. TAGonSoft did a very good job and delivered a great and stable app for iTunes.